Over the last several weeks I have participated in a Blog Cookoff for the new “Spices & Seasons” cookbook by Rinku Bhattacharya.  This mint chutney and these yummy flatbreads are  both recipes from Rinku’s book.  Today I get to give one copy away to one lucky reader!

Now that I’ve had a chance to work  my way through the book and try several recipes I have to say I love this book! This book offers family friendly recipes that are inspiring and full of flavour. It is about Spice! (I’ve fallen in love with a carrot pickle recipe in this book. Yes, a carrot. It’s really the best thing I have ever tasted).

This is food that the whole family will enjoy. What I really liked about this book is Rinku’s focus on sustainability and how a family can work towards a healthier and greener lifestyle with delicious food. And, although not exclusively a vegetarian cookbook, many of the recipes are meat-free and many are also vegan. Perfect for those who are trying to go meat-free once in a while.

This book is gorgeous with full colour pictures for each of the 150 recipes. There is also a nice section on Indian spices and ingredients which I found really helpful. I’m a relative newbie to Indian food. I’m drawn to the flavours and fragrant spices, but often feel just under informed when it comes to what to do with many of the ingredients.

About Rinku:

Rinku Bhattacharya is Gourmand Award-winning author and “Cooking in Westchester” blogger. She offers time-strapped home cooks a realistic way to cook healthfully and sustainably. She presents family-friendly recipes that marry the spices of India with the four seasons of an American backyard.

Rinku, a mother of two, strives to make sure her children aren’t short-changed on healthy and nutritious eating because of their busy schedules. She says that for her, Indian cooking is not about spending hours in the kitchen, but rather, it’s about “flavors, freshness, and love.” I love that. I couldn’t agree more!

Rinku makes mealtime a family affair, because she believes that in order to teach children to make healthy eating choices and be eco-conscious, it is essential to include them in sourcing and cooking their food. Ah, yeah! Absolutely.

Okay , so to enter to win a copy of this book!

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Good luck!

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