Creamy Mango Smoothie | infinebalance #smoothie #recipe


Just a quick Hello today.


I’m guest posting over at North Coast Naturals today. I’m sharing a recipe for this dreamy creamy mango smoothie as well as a few tips to keep smoothie-making easy and simple.  Smoothies are a regular part of our morning routine, for all of us – including the kids. (They make great after school snacks too!).

Most days we keep breakfast fairly simple. I keep the kitchen stocked with cereals, oatmeal, toast and fruit. The kids help themselves and I rarely get involved with their choices. I figure if I offer them relatively healthy choices they can only make good choices. Still I don’t feel overly excited about cereals – even the low sugar varieties. And I wish they ate less cereal. But its a compromise I make to keep the peace. 

Smoothies are always an option and when someone asks for a smoothie, I must say it is a proud moment for this mom. “Yes you can have a smoothie!” 

First it reminds me that they do have taste buds and fresh tastes good to them. Confirms something about my approach to food is working. And secondly, they know the formula. A simple formula – protein, milk, and fruit. And I know that they are getting the good nutrition they need to make it through their day at school. 

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