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Guys, if you have been following along over the last few years, you know I just don’t blog during the summer. In actual fact, I don’t cook much either. This is me being all nostalgic about summer.  For the time when summer months meant doing a whole lot of nothing. I’m doing my best to do as little as possible. Just keeping the tradition alive.

But school starts next week and I’m so excited. Which is silly, because I don’t get to go even. But I love September! It’s the start of something. Something big, better than New Year’s. … Soon we will have sweater weather.  Soon the days will get cooler and my hair not nearly as frizzy. And of course! .. we get to go shopping – for pens no less. This alone makes it the best time of year ever.

In this house BTS supplies are ready ????????????????. Backpacks and binders have been purchased. Backpacks – actually packed.  And while the kids are debating about their first day outfit, I’m getting ready to bake my way through my muffin recipe archives.

Because muffins in the lunch box are necessary. If for no other reason than my kids have already eaten their way through the Costco box of granola bars I bought last week – just to have on hand, just in case, when there is nothing else… leaving us now literally with “nothing else.”

Okay, so even if you are not as excited about BTS as I am, here are six of my go-to picks for healthy nut-free, school safe snacks. These are packable and freezable. Because inevitably, at some point this weekend, next week, three-weeks from now, you will have that “OMG what are they going to take in their lunch” moment. And because I love you, I’m going to help you out.  All of these quick breads and muffins can easily be stashed in the freezer for school lunch emergencies.

PS. If you bake the muffins in paper liners and prep those quick breads like this before freezing, lunches will almost pack themselves  ????

PPS: I’m not an allergy expert. My kids do not have food allergies. This is what I make to safely tuck into my kids’ lunches and still follow the school’s safe-food guidelines.

Carrot cake muffins (vegan)

Vegan Carrot Muffins | Infinebalance.com #recipe #lunch

Lemon Flaxseed bread (vegan)

Lemon Flaxseed Bread | www.infinebalance.com vegan recipe

Cranberry Apple Muffins

Cranberry Apple Muffins | www.infinebalance.com #recipe #baking

Quinoa muffins with chia and blueberry (vegan)

Blueberry Chia Seed Muffins | www.infinebalance.com #recipe #vegan

Millet and Oat Muffins (vegan)

Millet and Oat Muffins | www.infinebalance.com #vegan #breakfast

Blueberry Citrus Loaf

Blueberry Citrus Loaf {vegan} | www.infinebalance.com